Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where the Jewels Are by Diana Symons

"Where the Jewels Are" by Diana Symons is a sweet little book about a princess who has everything. She is so wrapped up in herself she doesn't realize a true treasure in her life is right before her eyes. The princess has a wise father who will send her on a journey of discovery.

This book is a wonderful book for a young girl. Every little girl can relate to this character and her best friend, Winifred. The King in the book is wise and kind, like Our King. He shows his daughter what she doesn't know by the journey he sends her on instead of trying to explain it to her. She must learn this lesson on her own to fully understand it and discover the true jewels in her life.

You can check out Diana Symons website for more on her writing. My 8 year old loved this book. I am sure yours will, too. Diana Symons:

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