Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness by Candace Cameron Bure

Millions first met Candace Cameron Bure when she costarred on the hit television series FULL HOUSE. Today, she is that rare Hollywood working mom who maintains a normal life -- no trainer, no nanny, no chef -- and is outspoken about her Christian faith and how it has helped overcome certain a serious struggle with food.

More than a biography, Reshaping It All is a motivational tool putting you on the right track toward a better physical and spiritual fitness regimen that really lasts. In addition to practical advice and fun stories from her family and career, Candace offers a biblical perspective on appetite and self-control that will encourage any woman who longs to reach a new level of freedom.

Embracing a healthier lifestyle begins by moving faith to the forefront, making some wise fundamental choices, and finding your worth in the eyes of God.

This candid account of maintaining a healthy outlook on weight despite the toothpick-thin expectations of show business and the everyday busyness we all feel will reshape your life as well. 


This book has helped me so much to realize some of the road blocks in my life towards a healthy body and mind. She is honest and upfront about the things she went through. She doesn't pretend to be a perfect person who has it all figured out. She just points you in the right direction, to God and His answers to life's issues. 

I would and have recommended this book to anyone that feels they need to reshape their bodies and beyond. I am still working on my fitness goals but with this books they have become less difficult or seem more attainable. 


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  1. I used to watch her all the time on Full House (and this post reminded me of that episode where DJ wants to lose weight) and now enjoy watching the Christian movies she does (like Truth be Told). :)

    I bet she writes just as well as she acts!