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The Master's Wall by Sandi Rog

He fights for his freedom. She fights for her life. Together, they fight for each other.

After watching Roman soldiers drag his parents away to their death, David, a young Hebrew, is sold and enslaved to serve at a villa outside of Rome. As David trains to become a skilled fighter, he works hard to please his master and hopes to earn his freedom. However, an opportunity to escape tempts him with its whispering call. Freedom beckons, but invisible chains hold him captive to the master's granddaughter, an innocent girl with a fiery spirit. David vows to protect Alethea from his master, the murderous patriarch, and contrives a daring plan--sacrifice his own life to save hers.


Iron and the Stone Series Book One

The Master's Wall

Historicals are a favorite of mine and I have been drawn to biblical fiction in the past year. Sandi Rog does an excellent job of describing the setting in which the book takes place. In The Master's Wall you meet the two main characters when they are young children. Some books do a great job of just giving you glimses of the characters past and that works out wonderfully for that book. I am so glad she started at the beginning of their story and worked her way through it. Each moment builds on the next and has such impact on their relationship and their actions. The book caught my attention from the very first page and didn't let go of me even at the last. It is a must read!

David is a strong young man of God. He is only 10 at the opening of the book but you see right away that his father has taught him the truths of the one true God. His mind echos his father's teachings when hard situations confront him. All through the book you see his faith winning out over his own human desires. As he grows he shares his faith with those around him. In a way he reminds me of Joseph because he went through many hardships and could have been angry with the Lord but chose to believe God had a purpose for where he was.

Alethea is a strong willed and adventurous little girl. She is a couple of years younger than David but right away is drawn to him and wants to be his friend. David believes in the God that her father believed in, before he was killed by her grandfather. She cannot look at her family in the same way since that day. Her grandfather is a cruel man who will punish even the ones he loves the most in a way that goes beyond abuse. While she spent the first years of her life learning about Jesus from her father she is still surrounded by the Roman gods that her family worships. She knows her father died because of his belief in the one true God. She lives with the fear that her grandfather will kill her too if he thought she believed in Him.

As they grow up together their lives take the different paths that their status demands. David is a slave but is trained to fight better than anyone in the household and those that visit there. Alethea is betrothed at the age of 11 to a man her grandfather chooses. She doesn't want to marry him and tries to find a way out of it before it is too late. She only has until she is 14. David vows to protect her from a very young age. It keeps him from running away when he has the chance.

Much happens between the two. For a time they are torn from each other because of a lie and unforgiveness. Will they find a way back to each other? Will he find a way to save her life and gain his freedom. Is there a way to gain both? Find out how they survive during a time that men wanted to harm but God used it for good.


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