Monday, April 4, 2011

The Unforgivable by Tessa Stockton

The Unforgivable

Accused of the worst war crimes in the history of Argentina, Carlos Cornella is despised by a wounded nation…

“I’m in love with a monster. That’s what people call him anyway: monster, murderer, kidnapper, torturer, sociopath, even the devil. His crimes are so terrible that he may be unforgivable. But I have come to know him as something else. I know him as God’s Treasure. And I’m not sure what to do about that. So, here’s my story.”

Wounds of South America is a political intrigue series focusing on some of the political conflicts that have plagued the continent. Each book is set on a different country, portraying stories of redemption and love in the midst of desperate circumstances. The Unforgivable is set in Argentina, against the backdrop of the Dirty War–the military dictatorship of the 1970s that saw thousands of people disappear by the government.

“I invite you to enter into the complexities of a devoted Christian woman, Genevieve, who falls in love with a man, Carlos, who is accused of war crimes,” Tessa Stockton says. “Many years ago, the Lord spoke to my heart while involved with human rights groups. He compelled me to dig farther into that shady realm, but pull from it, the deeper, more spiritual significance of the people and events affected by war and its atrocities. I found a remarkable truth about forgiveness and unconditional love that many deny.”


The Unforgivable is a challenging book. It forces you to address what you believe and how you feel about other peoples sins. The Bible tells us all sin is equal and that none is greater or lesser than the other. Sin is sin. But I believe as human beings we have an invisible scale that we JUDGE sin on. "This sin is worse than this one. This one can never be forgiven. This one is for when you are really evil and should be damned to hell without a chance of forgiveness."  We aren't the judge and shouldn't try to be. The Unforgivable touches on these very things. It makes you look at others and yourself differently. Yes, some sins are terrible and hard to forgive. But God loves us ALL. And HE wants us ALL to love one another and to forgive.

This is a book about faith and trust in what God is leading you to do and how He wants you to love those that are unforgivable in the worlds eyes. We live in a world of sin and pain. War and violence are everywhere. I recommend you read this book and allow it to open your heart to the love only God can show you. 


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A choreographer, dancer and musician, Tessa worked in the Christian performing arts for over twenty years, including directing the International Christian Dance Theater under the auspices of missionary organization, Global Ministries.

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