Monday, June 6, 2011

Learning by Karen Kingsbury

Learning, book two in The Bailey Flanigan series, picks up where Leaving ended. Bailey Flanigan and Cody Coleman are not only sparated by physical distance, they are also face with great emotional distance. While Bailey grows closwer to her dream to be an actress and dancer in New York, Cody coaches a small high school football team...on and off the field. But neither feels complete without the chance to share their dreams with one another.

Can distance truly make the heart grow fonder? Or will Cody learn to turn to others to share in his happiness? And in the face of tragedy, who will be there to provide comfort?

As Cody's past catches up with him, he must learn to reach out for help or risk withdrawing permanently inside himself. Both Bailey and Cody find themselves learning significant life lessons in this poignant love story, featuring members from Karen Kingsbury's popular Baxter family.

I have enjoyed every KK book I have ever read. Learning is no exception. The characters in this book and many others are some of my favorites, Bailey especially. To watch her grow from a young teenager into a strong young woman off on her own in New York is quite exciting. It almost felt like I was there with her as she started her job and learned the routines. I love the special relationship she has with her mom. I think every teenage girl and mom should read these books and desire to have a relationship like that. I have to admit I am not too sure about what is best for Bailey as far as her man. I love seeing how happy she is when Brandon Paul treats her so special. I am upset with Cody for ignoring her, no matter his reasons. I can see many good things about it each way. I have always loved when her and Cody were together. I see such a special relationship between them that neither can have with anyone else. But Cody has made some choices that have kept them apart. And those choices have hurt Bailey greatly. So each of them has to live life down the path that those choices have put them on. It's like real life, the choices we make effect our lives and we can allow God to use them for good or we can keep making more bad choices. God is able to do great things no matter what our choices. And like the message that is throughout these books, God has a plan for our lives, a plan for good. That is something that I love about her books. She brings out how even through hard times and through things that we find impossible to live through God can and will bring us through if we will cling to Him through it. I cannot wait for the next two books in this series! They are going to be awesome, I know.

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  1. Great review - and I, too, just adore KK's writing. I have yet to rad a 'clunker' by her!! :-)