Friday, August 9, 2013

Fairchild's Lady (novella) by Roseanna M. White

Fairchild's Lady coverA FREE Novella: Fairchild's Lady, Culper Ring Series 1.5

This bonus romantic novella is set in the intervening years between Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows. In 1789 General Issac Fairchild travels across the Channel of a very special assignment. After surviving the American Revolution, he is now gathering information on life at King Louis XVI's court. But he must also locate a countess and her grown daughter and escort them back to England before revolution explodes in France. He knows danger is in the task set before him, but when he meets the beautiful Julienne, a new peril beckons him deeper into the intrigue of Versailles. 


Roseanna understands a readers heart, the need to know MORE after the novel is over. With this novella she gave us something very special, Issac Fairchild's story! And what a story it was. It wasn't a long one but it was wonderful. We get to know Issac better and get to meet Julienne, the parents of the heroine in the next Culper Ring book, Whispers from the Shadows.  The one to read BEFORE this one is Ring of Secrets. I did a blog review of it so make sure you check that out. This is a great series that is filled with history. She does a great job or researching the time period and cares about making sure it is accurate. I love that because I have come to love history even more because of her books. Keep the books coming, Roseanna! We love them!


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Culper Ring Series
Book 1: Ring of Secrets
Novella 1.5: Fairchild's Lady
Book 2: Whispers from the Shadows
Novella 2.5: A Hero's Promise November 2013
Book 3: Circle of Spies February 2014

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A Soft Breath of Wind 2014

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