Monday, January 12, 2015

My Return To The World Of Books

First, I must ask my readers to forgive me for my absence. My only explanation is that I allowed my life to get off track in this area. I did not allow myself to enjoy reading and writing, my favorite pastime. I know many of you depended on me to share wonderful, new books to read and I let you down. My goal for the new year and beyond is to read even more books than ever before and review them all to give you a great list of books you need to add to your collection.

I have made a goal to read at the very least 100 books this year and review them. I also have a writing goal that I will share with you later. It is a goal of mine to make this blog a great resource in finding wonderful books to read and also for information on writing, if that is something you are interested in.

Again, forgive the lax in posts on this page. Thank you for giving me another chance. You can follow me on Twitter and Goodreads, plus on my new Facebook page.

(The picture is just a dream library/media room. Would love to have something like that someday.)

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