Thursday, August 26, 2010

Becoming Lucy & Morning For Dove by Martha Rogers

Martha Rogers is an extraordinary woman. She has had many stories and articles published over the years. I had the privilage of meeting her and hearing her speak a few months ago. She is an inspiration to those like me who want to become a Christian writer. Check out her website at:

Becoming Lucy is the first book of four inn the Winds Across the Prairie series. Lucinda Bishop is a 17 year old who is suddenly orphaned. She goes to Barton Creek, Oklahoma. The year is 1896. After growing up in a big city coming to a country town where hard work is a daily part of living is a shock. But she soon finds she enjoys the life she has learned there. She lives with her aunt and uncle and cousins. She meets Jake Starnes, a hired hand who works for her uncle. He is good looking and strong. But he has secrets from his past that keep him from the life he so desires. Can he set things right in time to win the girl of his dreams? Read and find out.

Morning for Dove is the second book in that series. Still in the same town of Barton Creek we get to know Lucy's best friend, Dove even better. She is a beautiful Native American who must live with the prejudice towards her and her family because of her heritage. When she falls in love with the store owners son and he with her, they must find a way around his mothers hatred for her and her family. Will they ever get to be together and will his mother ever understand their love and forget her past? Read it and see how.

I am so looking forward to books three and four in this series. They are all tied into that same town and those same wonderful characters are found in each book. I hope you will find time to get them and read them.

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