Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Fire In Ember by DiAnn Mills

The Fire in Ember: A NovelBetween One Woman's Life And One Man's Heart...


Bert believed returning a stolen horse was the right thing for her to do. But she never imagined rand hands would mistake her as a horse thief, then sentence her to hang. She couldn't tell them the truth. Neither did she want to die.

Deputy John Timmons's middle name is responsibility. He's been caring for his mother and younger brothers on his ranch for five years. He thought he was saving a boy from a hanging--his duty. But when he learns Bert is a girl, a whirlwind of emotions send his heart spinning. 

Cattle rustlers have invaded the northern Colorado ranchers, leaving murder in their wake. Bert is a suspect, especially when she refuses to give her real name or reveal what she's running from. John knows she's afraid of something, but what? He sees a sweet spirit, not a woman who's deceiving his family.

How can John arrest her when she's stolen his heart?

Twists, turns, and unforgettable characters make this action-packed page-turner a historical romance with fire.


I have read several of DiAnn's books and love her writing style. This one is in Colorado, a state I love. She makes the words come alive when she describes the surroundings. It is almost like you are there. And her characters are rich with personality. 

John is a strong man with determination to do the right thing and provide for his mom and younger brothers. He has put off his dreams because of that and focused only on doing everything needed for others. But he is not without compassion or the sense of right and wrong. He goes about things in an honest way.

Bert (or Ember) is a young woman who has only known cruel and harsh treatment, with a minimal amount of real love from a brother who died years before. When she finds love and acceptance with the Timmon's family she dreams of what life could have been like had she been born in another family, a family like theirs. But the lies she has been told all of her life fill her head and her heart and fear keeps her from telling the truth. 

Read it to see how learning about God, someone she has never known or even heard about, changes her life and how she sees and handles things. This is a great book. I recommend it if you love a great historical set in the west United States. 


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