Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girl Talk by Nicole O'Dell

Girl Talk: 180 Q&A (for Life's Ups, Downs, and In-Betweens)It's Time for Some Girl Talk!....

Popular blogging trio--mom, Nicole O'Dell, along with daughters, Emily and Natalie--offer trustworthy, biblically based advice for all your ups, down, and in-betweens. Selected from actual questions they've encountered on their blog site, this fabulous resource offers real-life helps for issues including relationships, character, body image, fashion, gossip, and more. You'll find 180 questions along with answers and related scripture selections that will both encourage and challenge you in your faith walk. 


Girl Talk has over 200 pages. It is a full-color book filled with questions from teen girls. The pages are glossy and beautiful. Nicole and her daughters, Natalie and Emily answer the questions. This book can be used in different ways. A teen can read it by herself, with her sisters or friends or even for some great mother-daughter time. That is how I am using it in my home with my preteen daughter. We are going through it a page at a time and talking about the topic and the answers that were given. I let her share with me what she thinks and then I share a bit more of what I think and what the Bible says about it. We go a bit deeper with the answers given in the book and take it into whatever questions along that line my daughter might have.

It is a wonderful book. Nicole has a love for teens that shines through in her writing. I recommend this book and any other books you can get your hands on by Nicole. You can't go wrong with any of them!

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Nicole O'Dell enjoys speaking at churches and to youth and parenting groups to offer insight into godly navigation of those rough teen years. Over the years, Nicole has worked as a youth director, a Bible study leader for women and teens, a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center, and was a veteran camp counselor for over a decade. Her writing includes teen fiction and devotionals and Bible studies for women of all ages.

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