Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heart Echoes by Sally John

Only An Earthquake Could Shatter the Walls She's Built.

In the aftermath of a massive LA earthquake, the perfect existence Teal Morgan-Adams has built begins to crumble. Teal's daughter, Maiya, is determined to learn the identity of her biological father, despite the loving devotion of her stepdad, River Adams. But that's a secret Teal hoped would remain buried forever. She has never shared the truth with anyone--not her family, not River, not even Maiya's father.

As Maiya's prying reopens old wounds, Teal receives tragic news and must travel home to Cedar Pointe, Oregon--a place she's avoided most of her adult life. Will her already-strained marriage survive the distance and the secrets she'll be forced to face there? 

With wit and wisdom, bestselling author Sally John delivers a touching story about life's unexpected detours and courage it takes to erase the lies that can echo in our hearts.


This was the first time I had read a book from this author. I am not sure why. It might be because I am more into the historical and regency romance instead of the contemporary. She writes a very compelling story that draws you in. 

Teal is a very complicated person. Her love for her daughter is the strongest thing in her life. While she has protected her from some things in her life she has also been very open about other things and willing to listen to her when she has something to say. The struggles they go through as a mom and teen girl are minor compared to what some go through, because of the foundation they have. 

Her relationship with her sister is one that tugged at my heart. I have a half sister who is five years younger than me. We did not grow up together but I love her dearly and she always looked up to me as if I was on a higher level than her, like Lacey sees Teal. It was great to see how their relationship grew throughout the book. 

The life Teal thought was so perfect begins to crumble because it is not build on truth. As the truth begins to come out they are strong enough to pick up the pieces and keep going and become stronger than before. I really enjoyed this book about forgiveness and moving forward instead of living in regret. We can only move forward learning from our past mistakes. 


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