Monday, January 2, 2012

A Look Forward

I can't believe that I read over 50 books in 2011. There were many weeks that I didn't read anything but my Bible. There were many weeks that I read 3 books in one week. I LOVE to read. 

Sadly, I didn't do much writing in 2011. I had many excuses for NOT writing. But none of them were really good reasons. It is something I really want to do. I am a member of the national and local Christian Fiction Writer's groups and am on several great email loops for writers. I have many GREAT books on writing. But all of that isn't good for anything if I don't put it into practice.

For 2012 I have set some goals for myself in the area of books. 

Read and review MORE than 50 books. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I download every free book that I find (Christian book). I also will buy books that I know the author is amazing and the price goes down to something I can afford. I also get many books from authors to read their books and review them. I love books! (I said that already, didn't I? It's worth repeating.)

Read all of the writing books I own. I have many great books on the art of writing. Not only do I want to simply read the book but put into practice what they are teaching in each chapter. 

Spend time each day writing. Write at least 1,000 words a day. Doesn't matter what I write at first as long as I can get into the habit of writing each and every day. 

Go to the Dallas Writer's Conference in September. This is a chance the I won't have every year. It is actually in my state, less than an hour from me. It is my chance to learn some great things and to meet some of my wonderful new friends in person! It will cost a bit but it will be so worth every penny. PLUS, I won't have to pay for airfare. I may not get to go the next year depending on where it will be. 

Have a book finished by conference. I can't imagine writing something as good as I have read this year from some fabulous authors but I will allow the Lord to work through me, like they have, and give me the words to put down. 

I think that is more than enough goals for the new year. I am excited about what God has in store for me this year in this area of my life. I can't wait to sit here a year from now and look back on it. It is my prayer that I will have met each of these goals and gone beyond them in some way. 

What goals do you have for the new year?


  1. Hi Terri, I found your blog through Tom Blubaugh's blog. We're the same age and I too am trying to lose weight. I've just joined Weight Watchers and the going is slow but I'm perservering.
    Glad to see you review books. I also review on my blog. If you'd like you can come visit.
    Since you are a Christian I would be happy to review any books of yours. Take care!

    1. GREAT! You can find my weight loss journal at I am totally serious about getting the weight off.

      I hope someday to have books for others to review! That is my goal.

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings for you...loves soraya