Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Switched by Bill Myers

Still on their quest to teach TJ Finkelstein the life lessons she’ll need to be a great world leader, 23rd-century goofballs Tuna and Herby are brewing up even more trouble for the new kid in Malibu. As the boys try to repair their futuristic gadgets, a little glitch in their Thought Broadcaster Pen lands TJ in the body of her nemesis, TV star Hesper Breakahart . . . and vice versa. And the plot thickens when Tuna and Herby decide to put TJ’s new look and superstar power to use. The time stumblers set up a concert for “Hesper” as a diversion while they sneak aboard a nuclear submarine and borrow a plutonium power pack—one of the items needed to fuel their time pod and get them out of TJ’s life. Meanwhile, Tuna and Herby are hounded by their own nemesis, Bruce Bruiseabone, who’s having a little trouble with forgiveness . . . a lesson that TJ realizes she might also need to learn as she walks a mile in Hesper’s shoes—and body!


TJ and The Time Stumblers is a series of books. The kids in the story are out to save the world but end up in troublesome situations. They are for ages 7-10. TJ is switched with her worst enemy, a beautiful and snotty TV star. Herby and Tuna have time-traveled back from the 23rd century to help her but end up making more trouble. Other people end up switched around in the process. Walking in others shoes helps show how that person feels and forgiveness is a big theme in this book.

My son, 13, read it and said it was good but for younger kids, he felt. He said it had a good story line but really wasn't something he would choose to read on his own. My daughter, 10, liked it a little better than he did. With the main character being a girl I think that made a difference to her. They loved the funny names that the writer used for the different characters. 

I received a copy of this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation.


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