Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Precious Than Gold (Sangre De Cristo) by Lynn Dean

More Precious Than Gold (Sangre de Cristo)The bullet that killed Eliza Gentry's fiance shattered her dreams as well. Clinging to her battered faith, she heads west to escape her grief and runs headlong into the man who caused it.

Tall and headstrong, Eliza expected to remain an "unclaimed treasure." Devastated in the wake of the war, she sets out for New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo mountains in search of peace and new purpose but finds that the western frontier is a wild place where former enemies--Yankees and Rebels, Freedmen and Indians--square off in the quest for land and gold.

Eliza must confront her prejudices and fears, and Jacob Craig embodies that conflict. The mountain man wins her trust with his gentle strength, but he harbors a secret. As a Union sharp-shooter, he met her fiance on the field of battle and cost him his life. Eliza must learn that she will not find purpose or peace anywhere until she finds in God a faith more precious than gold.

A real ghost town comes to life in this award-winning story of love, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God.

I got this book on my new Kindle because of the reference to the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I fell in love with those mountains in Colorado. The part of them in this story are actually in New Mexico. This was a wonderful book. The characters are great. This is a book about loss and starting over. God sees our whole lives from start to finish but we can't see how certain things are going to work for good like He can. It is also a book about how we can be a light to others in the world. We can make a difference even if it is just planting a small seed. God can use that small seed and bring it into full bloom.

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