Sunday, August 14, 2011

Digitalis by Ronie Kendig

An Intriguing Woman Draws a Former Marine into a Deadly Game

Colton Neeley left his military career to take care of his four-year old daughter. Although he’s firm in his faith now, the repercussions of his former life are still evident—namely in the form of his daughter and his debilitating flashbacks from combat-related trauma. Can he muster the courage to step out of his self-imposed isolation and embrace the new woman in his life?

Piper Blum is hiding—from life and the assassins bent on destroying her family. Although smitten by Colton, she fears the day he discovers her secrets. Does their relationship, built on a foundation of lies, have a chance?

When an attempt on Piper’s life leads to another’s death, the black ops group Nightshade steps into the line of fire. Will Colton and Piper survive the mission with their love—and lives—intact? Will love cover their multitude of sins?
Ronie has created another masterpiece! Her writing is amazing and I am continually surprised at her imagination and creativity. The more I read the more I want.

Colton is one of my favorite characters of Ronie’s. He is strong and faithful. He is there for his friends. He’s that ‘good old boy’ cowboy that everyone can’t help but love. But we find out that he carries scars on the inside like the most that serve in the military and/or see the terrible things he has seen and had to do. Piper is a strong woman that needs love and family but has been isolated from the ones she cares about most. When Colton comes into her life she is drawn to him despite the fact she knows it could put her or others in danger. You will love Colton and Pipers story and the intrigue that is intertwined throughout the pages of this book.


Her Website:

Discarded Heroes Series

Book 1: Nightshade Now Available

Book 2: Digitalis Now Available

Book 3: Wolfsbane Now Available

Book 4: Firethorn January 2012

Recognition for Nightshade:

  • 2011 RWA Faith, Hope & Love’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award – Romantic Suspense Finalist

  • 2011 Christian Retailing – Reader’s Choice Award finalist

  • FamilyFiction Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award – #8 Favorite New Release

  • FamilyFiction Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award – Ronie named #3 Favorite New Author

  • 2010 Lime Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction from The Christian Manifesto

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