Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

In the splendor of gilded age America, their worlds collide after twelve years apart. The spark that was once between them immediately reignites into a romance neither of them thought possible. But time has changed them both.

Clara Endicott is beginning to make a name for herself as a journalist who is intent on exposing the dark side of industry. She is determined to defend underprivileged workers.

Daniel Tremain has risen to become a powerful industry giant with powerful enemies. He had always idolized Clara, but when she writes an exposé about his company, it will trigger a series of events that threatens to destroy the only woman Daniel has ever loved.

Can they withstand the cost of their convictions while their hearts and lives hang in the balance?


I absolutely loved The Lady of Bolton Hill. The mystery and intrigue in the story was a surprise. Throughout the second half of the book I was anxious to know the out come of certain situations with a mysterious character so I was having a very hard time setting it down for any reason.

It was very well written and the characters stole my heart from the beginning. Elizabeth has a wonderful flair for writing that makes you want to follow the charcters into the book. I do hope that a couple of the secondary male characters in this book will have their own story. I think their stories would be just as wonderful as Clara and Daniel's. 


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  1. I agree, Terri. I was really intrigued by her brother. They must do a book about him.