Friday, August 26, 2011

Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams

A Woman in a Mans Job

Filling the shoes of her late husband as town marshal hasn't been easy for Danna Carpenter. She's not only fighting criminals, she's also fighting to earn the respect of the townspeople. So crossing paths with tenderfoot detective Chas O'Grady is the last thing she needs. He's hunting a band of cattle rustlers and isn't used to the rugged Wyoming landscape. Teaming up is their only option, but when circumstances place them in a compromising situation, the town forces a more permanent partnership—marriage. If they can let down their guards with each other they might find that love is the greatest catch of all.


This is a wonderful first novel by Lacy Williams. She has a flow to her writing that keeps the reader involved in the story. I loved Danna. She is a strong and independent woman who shows no fear when it comes to the job she is commited to doing. But she hides away the softer side of herself and the fears that lie within her heart. Chas is a man who holds himself responsible for something beyond his control and carries that with him along with the hatred towards the one who really is responsible. Can he allow the Lord to be the judge and jury or will he take justice into his own hands? Will Danna find her true worth hidden behind a "mans" job and clothing? You will have to read Marrying Miss Marshal to find out. I look forward to more books by this wonderful writer.


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Lacy Williams is a wife and mom from Oklahoma. Her debut novel, MARRYING MISS MARSHAL, won ACFW's Genesis award before being published. She promises readers happily-ever-afters guaranteed. Lacy combines her love of dogs with her passion for literacy by volunteering with her therapy dog Mr. Bingley in a local Kids Reading to Dogs program. Lacy loves to hear from readers. She posts short stories and giveaways at her website and can be found on social media at and .

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